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Sam Katz, Founder + Director

We create intimate, powerful branded video content that resonates long after viewing.

We’re a small company making big waves. Honestly, it’s mostly just me, Sam Katz (hi, guys!) but we handpick the perfect creative team to complement each project.

We are dedicated to our craft and to the people we represent, both behind and in front of the lens. We’re not interested in making flashy, oversaturated videos that will be out of date six months from now.

Our goal: to make this world a little more empathetic.

Our method: carefully planned & expertly executed collaborative filmmaking.


We work with advocacy and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, progressive companies and passionate individuals.

We've collaborated with:

  • The Younique Foundation and MenHealing to support survivors of sexual abuse.
  • The University of Utah's Body Donor Program to bring comfort to donor families.
  • Art Access to grow and sustain their programs for artists with disabilities.
  • Learn.Genetics to make their educational content more accessible and engaging.
  • NetFreedom Pioneers to launch a new service for people with limited access to information and education.


“Sam Katz is the filmmaker to hire. Hands down, look no further. His depth of skill, insight, and thoughtfulness are unmatched. Sam's guidance and direction helped me feel at ease in front of the camera and I trusted his artistic input completely. From bid to final cut, the process was professional, efficient and engaging. Sam is a deeply grounded and connected human who embodies the perfect balance of craft, kindness, and vision.”

- Michelle Marthia, Rise + Refuge Wellbeing

“Sam immersed himself in our cause and developed a sensitive artistic interpretation of the message we hoped to convey. The video… has given great comfort to the families we serve.”

- Kerry Peterson, Director, University of Utah Body Donor Program

“Sam is able to connect with, and capture the beauty of, people from diverse communities and all walks of life because he has the important ability to make people feel safe, comfortable and heard. Not only will his work improve your organization, but you will know that you are supporting a filmmaker who will make the world better for all of us.”

- Shandra Benito, Executive Director, Art Access


If you've made it this far, we'd love to partner with you. Let's do this thing.

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